Sunday, October 14, 2012


So, I had lots of fun at the party yesterday, I didn't regret going. It was interesting being one the few sober ones.Yesterday I also went shopping with a very good friend, it was also fun. I bought some clothes, and lots of jewelry, it was 75% off at one store. We took each one of those little baskets and filled them up.

Sandoro the tourist!
Sandoro the egoistic photographer.
My shopping~
My outfit for the evening. My hand looked enormous btw. :w:

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AtomicNony said...

you bought cute things :)

Elin said...

Ja jag vet, ja bara Carro och jag. Vi hade nyss ätit klart och då kastade dom och jag hann tyävrr inte se vilka det var :( Men hoppas rektorn kan ta reda på det. Ja, sådär betedde man sig ungefär när man var 5 år gammal, inte nu i gymnasiet. Blir så less, vill få reda på vilka det var först och främst.

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