Tuesday, November 26, 2013

♡ Christmas it up ♡

I'm in a blog-mood. So here's a post just for everyone to get dem christmas feels, some christmas inspo-pictures and music. Lots of love.

christmas, great hall, harry potter, hogwarts, snow, winter - inspiring picture on Favim.com

Dem' christmas feels

imageChristmas is coming, it's less than one month now. I'm so utterly excited! A couple of days ago my computer completely shut down, I can't even start it, and I don't know why. And since I'm addicted to League of Legends and can't play it with the computer I'm currently using, my heart is aching and breaking.
I was also planing filming and making movies with my new camera and upload to YouTube, but this computer have no editing programs. Ugh. Well windows movie maker exists, but there's no storage what so ever.
I was planing on so much. But now I have time to study and prioritize  time. And buy Christmas gifts in time. So that's good. ^^  Have you guys started to buy anything?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time does indeed fly!

London was fun and interesting. I didn't take that many pictures though. I was at first nervous to fly all alone, but now I feel used and feel like I can do it over and over again!
I've been pretty busy these last couple of days, since I came home. But today I received my camera! I bought a digital camera, so I can film (I've been wanting to make youtube videos for ages). It's a Canon Ixus 240.

That cat was alive. ^^ It slept at the disply window. Pic 2#, I ate at yo! sushi.
What do you guys think of Starbucks coffee? I don't like it at all. But maybe that's because  I don't drink coffee.
Night time and me! (Starbucks children's menu: chocolate)