Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012, Wellcome 2013

It's only a little bit over 6 hours left of 2012. This year has gone by too fast, I can't really get it, it felt just like new years eve just a day ago, and now it's today again. A lot of things have happened, one of the saddest thing that happened was just a couple of weeks ago, one of my relatives was murdered I didn't knew him, but it's still sad, he was only 7 years old. He may rest in peace. I know he is in a better place. I can't believe how someone can do something like that. It breaks my heart. Some other stuff that have happened this year are that I've started a new school, started dancing, learn to read notes, met a bunch of new people, got friends, lost friends (by changing school) & started this blog and another one. My new blog is about music, and only music, but I'll still continue on this one. Over again to new years eve, I'm just going to be home with my family, and I have some resolutions. Be happy, be ambitious, be good at the piano, english, and write more songs & be healthier.
Any resolutions? And how are you all celebrating? ^^

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays

It's a bit late, but if you don't know, in Sweden we celebrate christmas (opening the gifts and so on) on Christmas eve, so I've been pretty busy celebrating it. But. I wish you all a very  Merry Christmas! Lots of joy and love to all of you. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas. I hope you all have it lovely in the cosiest season of the year, spending lots of time outside appreciating life, and not spending too much time by the computer to read my badly-updated blog.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some late b-day presents

I've just watched the first Lord of the Ring movie, for the first time!! Good movie. Yesterday my brother came home for Christmas, and today, my sister came. It feels so good that both of them are home now, it's pretty dull to be the only sibling left alone home. Anyways, today I got some old b-day presents from my sister, if felt lovely to get them. I thought if I was going to keep them for Christmas but naah. So I opened them and here are the things I got :
iPhone-case, lipbalm, cam-jewerly, pearl purse, bow and a pair of black thights with hearts, which I couldn't take a decent picture off. The smileys are btw decorations, covering weird spots. I've read Harry Potter now, and then go to sleep, tomorrow I'll go out and play in the snow and relax of the day before christmas eve! image

Friday, December 21, 2012


I like both gyaru and ulzzang. But if I had to decide one, I would choose ulzzang! It fits me better, it's more toned down, and it's kind of more directed for the natural beauty. And I don't really fit in gyaru make-up. But I like to mix gyaru and ulzzang together, I love some clothing in the hime-gyaru, gaijin-gyaru, and rokku-gyaru, and then I mostly prefer Ulzzang hair/make-up. But sometimes I find gyaru clothing a bit too much, a bit outrageous (b-gal). Now, I don't have so much knowledge in gyaru or ulzzang, I just know some basic stuff, so please correct me! Starting off with some gyaru: 
Now these picture might not show justice since there are only eight of them, and it's not showing all the different varieties there are! Which style do you prefer?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

~YesStyle wishlist~

Here's a wishlist of things I'd like to get this christmas from yesstyle, of course there are some lots more stuff I'd like to get, but if I'd only get these or one of them I'd be pleased.
ring, belt, sweater1, - 2, ♥- 3, shirt 1, - 2, bag

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kind comments

It always makes me happy when I get comments on my blog, and today I read one that especially made me happy :
Thank you so much for your kind words.  This motivates me even more to blog. That's a good name for game characters, think it haven't come across on my blog, but I'm a gamer myself. :# & The DJ part seems interesting, you should blog yourself!
Lots of Love!


I was in Helsinki last weekend and since I've been home my internet have not being willing to cooperate with me. So now it finally works. I've really missed blogging, later on today I'm going to make a post how to curl your hair, I bought a curler and I really do suck at curl my hair, so I'll google some things and make a post about it. ~

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some christmas inspo!

It's the first December today! And it is 24 days until christmas eve, I'm so excited. But I don't know what I am going to buy to everyone, I haven't bought a single christmas present. I think I'm going to order something for everyone, I want to give everyone something special, something interesting, something they'll love! But it's a bit hard when I'm kinda broke, I just bought a NärCon ticket, and next weekend I'll be in Helsinki. Anyways, here are some christmas-inspo:


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ballet - The nutcracker

I've wanted to dance ballet since I was a little child. I would have started but sadly there wasn't a single class in the town I'm living in, and it never has been. Anyways, I saw parts of PNB's nutcracker, and I love it. It's so magical and christmasy. I would love to see it live, in NYC, that would be magical.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Different eye shapes

It can be good to know your eye shape, it's a bit of a guideline if you're a newbie (like me) when it comes to applying eyeshadow.Sadly I've the hooded eyes, and it doesn't come with age that's said in the picture, anyways I found it so hard to put eyeshadow, because I look like troll! What eye shape do you have? Not all the shapes are in the picture, watch the vid. ~

Some (major) Changes

I've changed the name of my blog, it's now Yumene. Pretty right? It doesn't really feel like me yet, but it will soon, I'll need to change my header asap. Today I've been pretty busy, I've been to school went to town with a friend (it was fun!!), I came home so late and my back hurts much, my spine is protuding. Anyways, there will come some interesting posts tomorrow. And I really apologize of the lack of updates. I also have a new follower, that makes me happy.
Facelook and Outfit. I only bought the jeans and the scarf, as seen in the picture. I love that they've started christmas decorating! + I found a tupac tank top, found it on H&M, didn't buy it though.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Way too busy

I'm way too busy this week, first of, I've had a test today, it was german, and I'm having another one tomorrow. I also have an oral presentation, which I'm not looking forward to, because I got so nervous at last. But I made it through, and I will do it this time also. At least it's not a theater. But anyway, I can nothing about the test tomorrow, and I need to go back to studiyng now.

I wish studying could look this fun, all pretty equipment.

Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm pretty bad at updating, and I don't have any excuse except that I've been so lazy these last couple of days. I feel like I have a lot to blog about, but I don't know what to begin with. I was going to make a post about my halloween make-up, but I think I will post that tomorrow.
Here's a Rilakkuma iPhone-case I ordered, its from a swedish website called fyndiq, it can be compared to amazon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zum' traveling and Betsey Johnson

Hello! I'm right now at the hotel in Stockholm, in my room. I want to go brush my teeth but I can't since I can't find any toothpaste, and I can't find my dad either. Today I've been traveling all day, nothing else to say really, it has been so snowy, kinda scary. I hope the flights and everything will go as normal tomorrow. Anyways, I was at Betsy Johnsons website, and I fell in love. So much pretty stuff. ;u; so I mde a little collage of everything you could find there. Take a look!

Some stuff reminds me of gyaru clothing/accesories..

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I'm turning 18 next year, I'm not only getting older, I feel like when I'm 18 I will be a bit to old for convetions, so now, this/next year I'll hit big, go to as many conventions as possible. While writing this post I found out that they're going to keep a convention in February that I just have to go on (NärCon Vinter)! I know there's no age limit when it comes to conventions, but that's just how I feel.
Oh fruits basket, lovely memories.

Free graphic editing program

Photoshop is my favorite editing program, it's so good in so many levels. The only negative I've to say about PS is the cost, it's pretty expensive, but still, you are mostly willing to pay if you have the money.  But if you don't have the money, you can either illegally download it  or download FireAlpaca. Now I don't know it will be free forever, but I just downloaded it and it seem very good and simple, it's also good if you don't have such a big interest in graphic editing and just want to use it sometime, since PS is so expensive and it takes time to learn.
FireAlpaca screenshot
Pic from tumblr.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

K.will 케이윌_니가필요해 (I need you)

I love this song so much, I've listetened to it non-stop for a couple of days now. And a fun thing, I noticed tonight is that my comment is one of the top comments. Yayz for attention on teh interwebz Now I need to go back to studying, so much to do, so little time left. This post is going to look odd without this sentence so I need to fill it out with something unnecessary.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DOLL natural makeup

From LV spring/summer 2012
 I want to do something with my appearance. Something new, and I don't know color my hair try some new look, a new makeup-look not just the basics. The whole me is so basic, I feel like a plain jane, but it was way worse before, I always had my hair in a pony tail, just wore a pair of jeans and a cardigan, always. But now that has luckily changed to a step to a better direction. I will make  a post about clothing and hair the next time, now, make up. This doll makeup-ish look I'm looking to is pretty natural looking, fresh and cute. The look is about creasing with eyeshadow, slightly bleached eyebrows, fake eyelashes, rouge, foundation and lipgloss. Even though it seems like a lot, but it's very natural.

This is pretty helpful, I found this on cl2425, previous  picture is from her blog. 
Uzzlang-inspired lips, photo from here. I think this fits the look good.

Monday, November 5, 2012


I'm so tired it's insane. Anywayy, here's what I bought this weekend, or on Friday actually. I bought a jacket that I wasn't supposed to buy, but the one I wanted was way to big and I couldn't find my color. But this one, from H&M was cheaper and I like it quite much. My dad/brother also bought an iPad to my mother, I'm going to fix some apps and a pretty background picture. Yay. Excited. It's a b-day gift though, so I have to keep it a secret.

During serious circumstances I had to cover my face, I looked like a duck mixed with a horse, not just any horse, the horse from family guy.