Friday, December 21, 2012


I like both gyaru and ulzzang. But if I had to decide one, I would choose ulzzang! It fits me better, it's more toned down, and it's kind of more directed for the natural beauty. And I don't really fit in gyaru make-up. But I like to mix gyaru and ulzzang together, I love some clothing in the hime-gyaru, gaijin-gyaru, and rokku-gyaru, and then I mostly prefer Ulzzang hair/make-up. But sometimes I find gyaru clothing a bit too much, a bit outrageous (b-gal). Now, I don't have so much knowledge in gyaru or ulzzang, I just know some basic stuff, so please correct me! Starting off with some gyaru: 
Now these picture might not show justice since there are only eight of them, and it's not showing all the different varieties there are! Which style do you prefer?

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Anonymous said...

This is really tough >< I like ulzzang make up and gyaru's very defined lashes, but I'd have to go for ulzzang look. They're more natural and not too out there. But if there was a chance to go all out, I'd go for gyaru.

xShinex0xBeautiful said...

cute site!

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