Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some late b-day presents

I've just watched the first Lord of the Ring movie, for the first time!! Good movie. Yesterday my brother came home for Christmas, and today, my sister came. It feels so good that both of them are home now, it's pretty dull to be the only sibling left alone home. Anyways, today I got some old b-day presents from my sister, if felt lovely to get them. I thought if I was going to keep them for Christmas but naah. So I opened them and here are the things I got :
iPhone-case, lipbalm, cam-jewerly, pearl purse, bow and a pair of black thights with hearts, which I couldn't take a decent picture off. The smileys are btw decorations, covering weird spots. I've read Harry Potter now, and then go to sleep, tomorrow I'll go out and play in the snow and relax of the day before christmas eve! image

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☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ said...

What a lovely presents!
I felt in love with that bow!♥
Wish you Merry Christmas~♥♥♥

ps. I was also watching Lord of Rings for
the first time few days ago!~But the final
chapter (=_= )"

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