Wednesday, June 19, 2013


So, I've decided the wig. It's not from gothic lolita wigs, but I will probably buy from them sometime. But it's from Moemall. I read a bit about online, and from the reviews they have good quality wigs and it's cheap too, 72$=wig + shipping. It would all cost 41$ since it was an option to order it with free shipping, but it would take 3-5 weeks, so I chose DHL. I think it looks cute, and I can't wait when I'll receive it home. I'll do a review.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dolls, dolls & dolls

I'm astonished or more speechless when I see BJD's, they're so pretty. Feels like I can look at them forever, they look so perfect, I want to look like one. Here are some pictures of the pretties BJD's I found on the interwebs.

a glamorous life by ~hiritai 
❀ porcelain angels ❀ 
BJD dolls ♥ - 109752751652957035962 - Album Web Picasa
They look absolutely perfect. Press pic for source.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sasaeng Fans

It wasn't until a couple of weeks since I heard of Sasaeng fans, I know, it's pretty late for a so called k-pop fan. I watched a few videos tonight, and I thought I should make a post about this because it is so utterly crazy!
So, what are Sasaeng fans? Sasaeng fans are people that are stalking and are overly obsessed with their korean idols. They follow their idols every move, stays and waits outside the buildings they are in, they even break in their buildings meets the idols, take sneaky photos of them, touches them at inapropiate places, some does even steal their underwear or leave their underwear to their idol. So cray, cray. In other words, they intrude Korean Idols private life. They use so many different methods to keep track on their favourite idols.
This gif could explain a Sasaeng fan: 
Saesang fans  even calls themselves Saesang fans and they don't like "normal fans" and especially not foreign fans.They're pretty much ready to do everything so their favourite celebrity will notice them, they even attack other normal fans so they will get attention.
There are even Sasaeng taxis. Sasaeng taxis follows the Korean idols, like a car chase. Let's say a Sasaeng fan will know when a celebrity will appear somewhere, they'll call and order the cab, so when the celebrity leaves they'll follow them. They're pretty expensive also, so if a Sasaeng fan can't afford the cab-ride they'll sell their body just to afford the ride. Prostitution with other words - still, crazy. Stories about celebrity incidents with Sasaeng fans.
Apparently here Tayeon getting pulled of the stage of a Sasaeng fan. 
I love btw how caring Sunny is.  
This video explains a lot. Watch it.
Ramona explains Sasaeng fans!
Zombies? - Nah, Sasaeng fans.
I think it's sad, the celebrities doesn't have a lot of privacy to start with, but then with these Sasaeng fans.. Oh my. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

H&M Summer Favourites 2013

Here's some of my Summer favourites from H&M. I made this collage, when I was almost finnished with everything PS crashed, it was the first time I experienced Photoshop crashing. Luckily I didn't have to start it all over again.You can find everything from H&M.I want to try the nailpolish, to see if it's as good as OPI's nailpolishes, probably not, but it can still look good.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beach 2013

Long time no see! Kind of. Summer has come so fast, there wasn't really a Spring in Sweden this year. It feels nice though. My summer vacation starts on Tuesday, and I've also got a job this summer, my friends also! It feels nice, then I can save up some money.

This last month I've been so stressed out about school, but now, finally everything is done and clear. I've been very, very unhealthy this last month also, but I never gain weight when I'm super unhealthy, I don't know why. It's strange, but good. But I feel like working out, since I've been super lazy too. I think I'll start running now when my brother comes home, so I don't need to run all alone. I actually enjoy running, I think it's fun and you feel invincible. And my arms have also start cracking.. a lot. I think it's a sign that I have to start working out.
I'm going to revile my super-top-secret of having a beach body: