Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beach 2013

Long time no see! Kind of. Summer has come so fast, there wasn't really a Spring in Sweden this year. It feels nice though. My summer vacation starts on Tuesday, and I've also got a job this summer, my friends also! It feels nice, then I can save up some money.

This last month I've been so stressed out about school, but now, finally everything is done and clear. I've been very, very unhealthy this last month also, but I never gain weight when I'm super unhealthy, I don't know why. It's strange, but good. But I feel like working out, since I've been super lazy too. I think I'll start running now when my brother comes home, so I don't need to run all alone. I actually enjoy running, I think it's fun and you feel invincible. And my arms have also start cracking.. a lot. I think it's a sign that I have to start working out.
I'm going to revile my super-top-secret of having a beach body:

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