Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let's talk about (K-)POP

Hi guys! I've been thinking about doing this post in a long time.. About.. K-Pop! I've heard some new songs this and the last month that I'd like to blog about. Let's go. (this post was supposed to be up in August, but I have moved and stuff..)
So the first song I'm going to bring up, is one I just heard. It's called Mamma Mia and it's performed by the lovely Kara. As some of you may already know, I love the group Kara, and I think it's sad that two of the members left. Anyhow, I like the new one. Even though I wouldn't say this is one of their greatest song I still think it's very good and catchy. I also like the dance, it doesn't feel like anything new though. So I'll give it 4 out of 5 pandas.

The next song I have chosen is Red by Hyuna. I was actually disappointed by this song. It's a boring concept - sex. :( I don't like the song at all, especially the hip hop sound. And the video is also horrible. Because it's about.. sex. I really dislike how K-pop has been going to that direction more and more. Here's a bit from the lyrics "Every night, you think of me like spicy ramen
Come in first if you like me"
... "Everyone stop, I’ll punish you so stick out your butt
You won’t be able to handle me every night"
.. So I'll give this song 1.5 out 5 pandas.

The last song I have chosen is Touch My Body by Sistar. It's a bit similar to Hyuna's song, or, only the concept. But I do found this song a bit catchy and not as raw as Red.The lyrics isn't also as raw. The video is OK, but I'm not sure what I think of the booty-shaking, it seems a bit awkward, a bit forced. It doesn't look so smooth, anyhow, enough about butts. The song is catchy, and it makes me wanna dance, so that's a plus. I'll give this song 3 out 5 pandas!!

Rest in Peace't it scary how short life is? One second you are brought to this world and the next you're gone. It's so sad and tragic what happened Ladies Code, I really thought Rise would pull it off. Luckily they'll have each other in heaven. Rest in Peace RiSe and EunB. My thought and prayers goes to their family and friends. Thank you for everything you've brought to this world.
Fan: "Which member do you want to take care of? The one you feel uncomfortable leaving alone?"
RiSe: "Eunbi!"