Monday, May 20, 2013

Only 15 days left

Only 15 days left of school, then it's summer vacation! This year has passed by so fast. Almost 10 months ago school was about to start and I was so anxious and nervous over starting in a new class. A lot of stuff has happened. I feel like I've grown a lot, and learn lots of things, and met great people. Anyways, since it's 2 weeks left there are tons of school stuff for me to do. And I have zero motivation, I just want to have vacation now. Oh, haven't mentioned, I might go to London this summer! :) Most likely. I'll also go on some conventions, and probably go to Finland, and hang with my friends and family! I'm so looking forward to this summer, I want to make it a summer I'll always remember. Do you guys have any plans for this summer? ^^ Here's some summer inspo:

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Junjun said...

Congratulations! :'D You're almost there~ 15 days left until salvation~ c;

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