Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some christmas inspo!

It's the first December today! And it is 24 days until christmas eve, I'm so excited. But I don't know what I am going to buy to everyone, I haven't bought a single christmas present. I think I'm going to order something for everyone, I want to give everyone something special, something interesting, something they'll love! But it's a bit hard when I'm kinda broke, I just bought a NärCon ticket, and next weekend I'll be in Helsinki. Anyways, here are some christmas-inspo:


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Inspire me, darlin said...

Åh så vinterpeppig man blev att det här inlägget :D

Sv: Åh så tråkigt, hoppas du har hittat en nu iaf! Jag menar, december blir ju lite bättre med en chokladkalander ^^

☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ said...

Hope you will be fine and find
great personal presents for everyone! (❁´◡`❁)
And love these Chrismats inspo~ (^。^) They made
me feel christmas atmosphere ♥

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