Monday, October 22, 2012


Your views on drugs and alcohol:
Enjoy life & drink chocolate.
I find both drugs and alcohol scary, it's both the same thing, alcohol is a drug. If they started selling alcohol today it would be banned immediately, I find it a bit strange that it still lives on today, since all the damage it causes. Of course it's a 'tradition', and that's why it is accepted. I've tasted alcohol, and it was okay in the taste, but it was mixed with soda and something. I have very mixed opinions about alcohol. I think that you're allowed to drink if you drink in moderation, but I also think it's bad and should be banned. With drugs I've almost the same opinions, it's also scary, but I haven't tried it and you can't use drugs in moderation, don't just do it at all. It just ruins lives.

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your blog is soo sweet!
I love it!

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Coffie is verry good!!

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