Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yui Horie is on spotify!

Yui Horie is a Japenese singer and many of you probably recognize her songs from various animes, as Fruits Basket, Tora Dora or Love Hina.I'm not so sure how many recent animes she is featured in.. But there probably are some, but I haven't been watching anime lately so I don't know..
I was so happily surprised when I was browsing through Spotify and found her songs there. I was such a big fan of her when I was around 14, and sadly many of her youtube videos has been removed on youtube. And my memory isn't the greatest so  I don't remember the name of her songs, but now I have found them again and I am so happy.
Thank you Spotify for adding more asian music!
Yui herself! Image source

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