Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Korean drama tips!

imageI like K-drama, but I don't watch it that often. But I do have started watching one drama called Flower Boys Next Door. It is really good, so I wanted to recommend it. It's special in that sense that it has like a serious depth to it, yet it has its funny element.
This drama is a romantic comedy. It is about a girl called Go Dok-mi, who's pretty antisocial and kind of have social anxiety. She also kind of has a crush on her neighbor (who lives lives in another building), which she kind of stalks. Then one day, the neighbor's famous cousin moves in, and notice that she's spying, and he decides to confront her. But that's not it, Go Dok-mi's real neighbor, who lives in the same building also has a interest in her. So let's just say this; love drama! There's so much more to it, but I thought this post would be too long if I'd get too into it. And I don't wanna spoil anything hehe..
You can watch the show here! And if you've seen it, what do you think of it? And do you have any K-drama recommendations?

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Mish L said...

I love Flower Boy next door, it was super cute.

I recommend, School 2015 Who Are You? , Oh my Ghostess, and Pinocchio (The main girl character is in this drama too :P)

x Mishs Diary

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