Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NärCon in pictures~

PhotobucketSo as I mentioned in an earlier post, NärCon the convention is over. I had lots of fun, and it was a cool experience. The only downside was that I felt ill most of the time there. I felt so dizzy and not present, like I was somewhere else. It felt like the time just flew by, and it was over too quickly. Oh well, the dizzy feeling is still left, and it's so annoying. I don't know what's causing it.

Snacks in the train!
I'm hiding, I'm not that photogenic.. Let's blame it on that!
The queue was so long!! It was pain standing there, me and my friend had to pee. :(
Cool cosplay :D
My friend! If you want me to delete this pic,I will. o_o
I bought some cute catears! ^^

My pretty shoes.. My feet was so sore and filled with blisters, ew. Could barely walk.
iPhone pic, me and my friends! ^^ A less derpy picture of me.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 things I love ..

So the convention is over, and I came home yesterday morning. I slept to four in the afternoon and I'm super tired right now, more about it later. Anyways I've started a new category, called 3 things that I love. In these posts there will be 3 things that I love. And today it will be about 3 things I love..; when it comes to guys.

1. Guys with ponytails.

 I've noticed that I love when boys have ponytails. It's a simple and a casual hairstyle, but yet kind of classy. It's an every day look. But I do think the hair length should maximum go about to the shoulders. But I have to say, ponytails doesn't fit everyone.

2. Man perfume..

small things I adore

k17k: Tattoos 5..
The title should be enough. I wonder by the way what thats perfumes scent is like, Juicy Coutures Viva la Juicy fragrance smells heavenly wonderful.

3. Guys with style!


The third one was a hard one, I was contemplating over funny, musician and confidence, but somehow I summed it to style. With the word style I don't only mean dressing nice, but just have the confidence to have your own unique style. To dare to dress and express yourself. So confidence goes along with it, and music in one way - expressing yourself.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

NärCon convention time!

imageSo tomorrow is NärCon! I'll be heading down with a couple of friends, and I'm so excited. I've been waiting for this day in a million days now. I'll take my camera with me and take a lot of photos and try to have the best time!
On another note, I know I haven't updated this blog so much, but it's because it's summer. I've been focusing a lot on myself (sounds lame =_= ) and not using the computer that much. Tried to practice on the piano. But I will start to update more regularly.
Now I need to paint my nails and go to sleep!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skullcandy earphones

So I have been pretty bad at blogging lately. I've just been a bit busy, with doing nothing. Not really though, I've been with friends a lot, and with my brother also. On Saturday me and my friend went shopping, it was fun, I bought some stuff that can be seen in the pictures below. The tank top and the shoes are from New Yorker, I really love their clothes, it's my favourite store.
I also bought a pair of Skullcandy earphone. I've always been sceptical towards SkullCandy, I don't know why. But I tried them on at the store and they were good. It was good quality in the sound and I also liked the bass. But what I like the most with them is that the bass doesn't take over the sound, and they were also cheap! So I highly recommend them.

How are you spending the summer days?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MoeMall Experience & Wig Review

So, I wasn't that fortunate with my experience with MoeMall. It was pretty much all just trouble. I'll tell you my story. When I had paid the wig (shipping and everything) the total was $70.18 (USD). It was OK, not that expensive. Then, one week after my order, I received a letter from TNT and they basically said there was missing information in the following: That I had paid the product, and what the package contained, and also that I've to pay eventual tax and tariff.
My brother called TNT, and after that we sent the receipt  and all the missing information they required. I thought that maybe I'll to just pay tariff, which is okay, because it won't be that much, about $10-20 (USD).
Yesterday, I got a letter home again from TNT. The work they had made, sending me one letter and going through the mail and the tariff would cost a total of $72.72 (USD). Which makes me have to pay a total of $142.9 (USD). Now, I'm not mad at TNT, they actually made their job. But I'm mostly mad at MoeMall, their carelessness made me pay $142.9 for a wig, if I'd known this from the beginning I'd never even been considering buying a wig from MoeMall, and just buy from Gothic Lolita Wig even though their wigs are more expensive.
Anyway, later on I got a call from a local factory and they said they had received a package signed to me (I don't know how in earth it was doing over there). Someone working there was kind enough to drop the package of at my home.
So yesterday I got my wig, it was/looked like pretty much as described on the website, it feels like good quality, and it looks like real hair, not that wig-ish.
Okay, maybe Yoshi isn't the best model..

Don't look at mah weird face! -__-* Anyways, I haven't styled the wig here, just took a fast pic for this post.
It looks pretty real. It's soft and shiny.
It's style-able (heat resistant).
The website's carelessness made this wig feel less worthy.
I mailed MoeMall about what have happened so they still have a chance to change my opinion. The wig itself gets 4 out  of 5 Mini-me's:
The whole experience, the total cost and the company gets 1 out of 5 Mini-me's:
Lastly: I do not recommend MoeMall if you live outside the U.S.