Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MoeMall Experience & Wig Review

So, I wasn't that fortunate with my experience with MoeMall. It was pretty much all just trouble. I'll tell you my story. When I had paid the wig (shipping and everything) the total was $70.18 (USD). It was OK, not that expensive. Then, one week after my order, I received a letter from TNT and they basically said there was missing information in the following: That I had paid the product, and what the package contained, and also that I've to pay eventual tax and tariff.
My brother called TNT, and after that we sent the receipt  and all the missing information they required. I thought that maybe I'll to just pay tariff, which is okay, because it won't be that much, about $10-20 (USD).
Yesterday, I got a letter home again from TNT. The work they had made, sending me one letter and going through the mail and the tariff would cost a total of $72.72 (USD). Which makes me have to pay a total of $142.9 (USD). Now, I'm not mad at TNT, they actually made their job. But I'm mostly mad at MoeMall, their carelessness made me pay $142.9 for a wig, if I'd known this from the beginning I'd never even been considering buying a wig from MoeMall, and just buy from Gothic Lolita Wig even though their wigs are more expensive.
Anyway, later on I got a call from a local factory and they said they had received a package signed to me (I don't know how in earth it was doing over there). Someone working there was kind enough to drop the package of at my home.
So yesterday I got my wig, it was/looked like pretty much as described on the website, it feels like good quality, and it looks like real hair, not that wig-ish.
Okay, maybe Yoshi isn't the best model..

Don't look at mah weird face! -__-* Anyways, I haven't styled the wig here, just took a fast pic for this post.
It looks pretty real. It's soft and shiny.
It's style-able (heat resistant).
The website's carelessness made this wig feel less worthy.
I mailed MoeMall about what have happened so they still have a chance to change my opinion. The wig itself gets 4 out  of 5 Mini-me's:
The whole experience, the total cost and the company gets 1 out of 5 Mini-me's:
Lastly: I do not recommend MoeMall if you live outside the U.S.

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Emily said...

It does look pretty realistic and pretty on you^^ It sucks when companies mess up like that though ~ I thought customer satisfaction was a big part of the job but perhaps not*-*

Come check out my blog if you like ~ let me know if you'd like to follow eachother!
-Emily xx

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