Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 things I love ..

So the convention is over, and I came home yesterday morning. I slept to four in the afternoon and I'm super tired right now, more about it later. Anyways I've started a new category, called 3 things that I love. In these posts there will be 3 things that I love. And today it will be about 3 things I love..; when it comes to guys.

1. Guys with ponytails.

 I've noticed that I love when boys have ponytails. It's a simple and a casual hairstyle, but yet kind of classy. It's an every day look. But I do think the hair length should maximum go about to the shoulders. But I have to say, ponytails doesn't fit everyone.

2. Man perfume..

small things I adore

k17k: Tattoos 5..
The title should be enough. I wonder by the way what thats perfumes scent is like, Juicy Coutures Viva la Juicy fragrance smells heavenly wonderful.

3. Guys with style!


The third one was a hard one, I was contemplating over funny, musician and confidence, but somehow I summed it to style. With the word style I don't only mean dressing nice, but just have the confidence to have your own unique style. To dare to dress and express yourself. So confidence goes along with it, and music in one way - expressing yourself.

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