Sunday, April 21, 2013

Short hair

For a long time, I've felt the eager to do something with my hair, colour it, cut it, just something! But I really don't know what, I'd like to have a bang also, but it feels a bit risky, because if if look bad, it's going to look bad.. (งಠ_ಠ)ง My hair is pretty worn out since I relaxed it, so colouring would damage my hair even more, but it wouldn't ruin it completely. I'm not quite sure if I'd fit with short hair, my face is a bit round and heart shaped, and I tried to make my hair look short, and I didn't fit with it. Anyways, I've find photos of some short pretty cute hairstyles. I don't know what I should do..


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夢歩 said...

Hi~ :D It's Joanna from German class (and SA11). Just wanted to say thanks for the compliment about my jacket (Jenny told me). ^^ Sorry if it seems stalker-ish that I know about your blog without telling you, haha. ><

As a response to your last post, I have to say I kind of regret switching to this class too, so you're not alone about that at all. 学校とブログがんばってね~

Nea said...

I didn't know if my comment got through to your blog so I copied & pasted it here;

Oh hi! :D
.. How did you find out about my blog?? (⊙_◎) I didn't knew she told you that, I asked her to, but I thought you would find it creepy. xD But you're welcome. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
:( Did you went to Härnösand before? because I also studied there a while.
Cool blog btw, I like the background, so sparkly and fluffy! (✿ ♥‿ ♥) Sadly I cannot read Japanese. :<

夢歩 said...

Seems like it didn't. ^^;

I think I looked at your Facebook profile and saw that you had liked a couple of Japan-related pages, so I googled you in case you had a blog. >< And you did, haha. ^^
I was just really happy about it. :D

Yeah, I went there a month or so before switching to this class. It wasn't what I'd expected at all. -___- What a coincidence!

Thank you~! I like yours too. :D I'm not a very good blogger; just felt like I needed to practice writing Japanese. I recently started learning Korean, so I didn't wanna start forgetting stuff. ><

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