Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting things off my chest

My bad updates have been depended on two things. School, school is actually the main thing, but school - homework, and then school. I've to be honest. This year, or these 2 years in high school have been rough. It was good from the beginning, but I do regret changing my class completely. But even though from the beginning I felt lonely. Stressed out and lonely. I know it's normal to feel a bit lonely and off, but it is definitely not normal to feel it this often. At times I feel glad, and the next second I feel like crap and I just don't want to live, kind of.
I'm pretty shy, around certain people. I don't know why, but I have become more shy now than before, especially in my new class. I feel like such a misfit. Every day feels like a challenge. Honestly there are so many days I just feel invisible, it's so hard. I hate this feeling, even though I'm around people I feel invisible, even though I'm around my friends I feel lonely. If it wasn't for my friends I really don't where I'd be now, if I'd even be here. Now, I don't want this to be this depressing post. But I thought I should be honest. I know I'm not alone about feeling alone and invisible, we shouldn't keep all these feelings inside of us. It's important to address and take up these issues also.
Anyways. This is why my updating have been pretty lacking, I haven't lost my motivation to this blog, I really love to blog. But my motivation isn't on top some days, but I'm trying my best.

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☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ said...

Don't worry, love! I guess everyone has that kind of moments
in life, when everything is lacking of sense and you feel sad and lonely.
School is just school, you just have to get thru it :-) Take your time,
and come back when you'll feel better. Keeping my fingers crossed for
you <3 xoxo!

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