Thursday, April 4, 2013


Okay, I've been pretty busy today. I've spent the whole day at my friends house, it was so much fun. We played hide and seek (lol, we're 17-18 years old). It's like three in the morning, but I can't sleep now since I'm scared. First of all, 1-2 years ago someone broke into our house, and that have caused me sleeping problems, and today, someone had called us 3 times without saying anthing, except the last call, when someone just said goodbye. Now, we received these calls about some hours inbetween, I wasn't home, but it's scaring me, as fudge.
But anyways this is not what this post is going to be about. I wanted to write about a hot topic, news, the situation in the world, today, or, as right now, tonight. Just reading the news, usually makes me sad, but it's bugging me especially right now. When all I read about is this "war situation", mostly about NK, SK and the US. It makes me crazy, sad and so mad! The thing that bugs me the most is that how some leader of a country like NK have the control of all of their citizens, it's not like they want war, the leaders wants war, or in this case the leader. If they do something to the US or SK, the citizens will be affected. Those with money, the leaders will in one way get the least affected, the most affected will be the citizens. Just the thought of that makes me even more crazy, we have enough of wars going on in this world right now, we don't need another one, and we won't never need another one. It makes me so depressed to think about all the losses of precious life's we lose every day in crises like;wars, starvation and economical situations. It's not fair. There's no life in this world that is unnecessary, and not just among human beings.
It makes me so sad to live in a corrupt world like this. This world is crazy, everything is about money, money gives people power, which is nuts. Living life, should be about love, loving each others and ourselves. Now, everything seems to be about hate and darkness, much seems so shallow. I know, and I do try, to appreciate all the small things, but it's hard to be positive when you're surrounded by so much negativity. I do believe in love, I believe that we can achieve peace with a change of many minds.
I know this text, by a 17 year old frustrated girl, won't change anything, maybe the mind of someone, but I just have to write it off, or else, my brain will go insane.

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