Friday, January 11, 2013

Sweet Lace

School work is taking up so much of my spare time. Ugh. But I've noticed that it gives good results to put down more time on school. I got a B on a report, and an A on P.E., writing exam. But anyway, here are some inspirational photos of clothes with lace. I love lace so much, so pretty and elegant, so clean. I've been starting to buy more clothes with lace, I'm obsessed!! Totally forgot about it, I should continue with my 30 day challenge. Or just simply blog more. ~ Hope you're all enjoying the new and fresh 2013.

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Kati カティ said...

So cute pictures! <3

Emi ♥ said...


The Girly Gamer said...

Lace is so pretty. Along with floral, it's one of my favorite things about clothes! :)

The Girly Gamer

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