Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Shopping

Today me and my best friend went to town and did some shopping, it was fun. It was a long time ago I last shopped, so it feels good to've done my needs. Today I also bought my first thing from the Body Shop, I've heard a lot about the store, but I never bhought/owned anything from there, so today I took the opportunity and bought myself a shower cream. Now I regret not buying more from there, since it was discounts up to 50% (since christmas is over). All the things I bought was almost on sale, expect the two shirts. In Sweden clothes are pretty expensive, or everything is, since tax is included everywhere, but it isn't something I think of that often, but when things are on sale, it feels like heaven. ♥ My computer was fixed today, so I can start blog to regulary.
Smells like heaven. The cashier was nice, she complimented my nails.

Everything is from New Yorker except the beige shirt. It's from H&M.

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