Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Design, New Motivation

I've been pretty lousy at bloging lately, for a while I thought of making a new one, but I feel pretty attached to this, I like this blog a lot, so I'm staying here, forever, with my greatest followers. What do you think of my new design? You can find cool and cute templates here. I love this template so much, I'm just going to make some coding, changes in the header and the background. Now I've to continue studying, buhu. I've big assignment I haven't really started with, and everyone else in my class is almost finish.. I'm also listening to old k-pop CD's, not so old, Baby Baby, and The Wonder Years, oh great memories. I btw noticed now, the only bad about this design is that I can't preview my posts.

Greatest picture of myself. ;w;

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