Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cosplaying! was thinking of cosplaying last year, but it didn't really didn't went through. But now I'm thinking of cosplaying Talim from Soul Calibur. She was and still is one of my favourite characters from the game series, and she does look slightly like me.There's only one thing I have to do if I'm going to cosplay as her, become fit. And I'm unsure if I'm going to buy or sew the costume. I looked on ebay it was pretty expensive, so I think I have to sew it. I was also wondering if anyone was going to recognize me, but then again it's a convention, there will probably be someone.. It's a nerd-get-together. And yeah. Have you ever cosplayed? :D

I'd probably need circle lenses..

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Lara Lizard said...

I think you would look great as Talim! I have been working at cons, but not really cosplayed.. Dressed up, but not cosplayed (until people decided that I looked´like one specific character, then I just added face paint and so I passed as her ;))
x, Lara

☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ said...

I don't know this character, but I'm sure you'll look great as her! You are looking very alike!

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