Sunday, February 3, 2013

Worlds Sweetest & Greatest Cupcake Recipe

This post contains a lot of pics. So, I made my cupcakes this weekend, and they were so tasty. My friends appreciated them a lot. So I'm going to share the recipe:

So this is what you'll need. In the recipe it says 15-20 cupcakes, but I think you'll need pretty small cups to that (note: if you're going to add frosting, take small cups). 2 eggs, 50 gram softened margarine or butter (room temperature), 2 ½ dl wheat flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 1½ dl sugar, ½ dl water or milk and 2 tsp vanilla sugar.
 First of all, melt the margarine to room tempetaure in a sauce pan and let it chill. At that time, while you're standing at the oven, put it on 225 °C. Then add the wheat flour and the baking powder in a little cup. Then, whip the egg and the sugar and the chilled margarine.
Then mix it all together, pour the wheat flour and the baking powder to the margarine and sugar. Note; I didn't follow the recipe, I didn't take a big bowl to the margarine, egg and the sugar. So, it became a bit messy, but it's alright.
Put the dough in the cups, and add some berries if you want to. Plus the vanilla sugar. Also, be aware that if the berries are frozen the cucpakes will most likely become a bit doughy when they're finished. But I just think that's tasty, so my berries are always frozen! Anyways. Put them in the oven for about 10 min (I hade them in over 15 minutes, take them out when they're staring to get a bit brown)
Taada. Now, If you want to, put some frosting on the top. 
Now, the frosting is optional, but it was hella tasty! And sweet. As you can see the cupcakes were so big that the frosting wasn't almost enough, and time was running out. To the frosting you'll need 60 g softenend butter, 300 g icing sugar (it's a lot of sugar.. @w@), 2 tsp vanilla sugar, pressed juice from a half lemon, 100 g Philadelphia cheese and some drops food coloring (optional, if you choose to go without it, the frosting will be white). So the only thing you've to do is mix it all together.
Good luck.
Oh, and while I was baking this deer appeared outside the window. I got a good shot!

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alex said...

This looks so good! And they are so cute<3

Bunni Hunni said...

Amazing pictures! And I bet those cupcakes are so yummy ^^

Alexy said...

Those cupcakes look amazing. Especially since they have berries in them. I'll have to try these one day!

Susie Vibes said...

OMGG, those look so yummy! :D too bad i'm on a no-sugar diet lol T_T


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