Friday, February 22, 2013

Korean Drama

I had my presentation I've been dreading about for like 3 weeks, no joke. But I finally did it, and, it went down pretty good! I got lots of compliments, it made me so elated. I have a good class with friendly classmates. To another topic, korean dramas. I never thought I would start watching any k-drama since.., I don't know, I never thought I would like it. Anyhow, I started watching a drama, on my iPad, called Heartstrings, and it's so good. The app is called Viki, and it have a website also, but the app is free, and it's so good and flexible.  
Do any of you watch any korean dramas?

You've fallen from me from Heartstrings I'm obsessed.

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Bunni Hunni said...

Oh Korean dramas are good! I love Queen Seondeok (The first Queen in Korea)and Something Happened in Bali. I'm kinda nit picky, it has to have a good plot!

neeyd said...

I really like to watch k-dramas and listen to k-pop music ^-^ I'll watch this later on!
I love the "You're beautiful" korean drama, you should watch it! I recommend it :3

Bibi Wei said...

I recently started watching K-dramas and I'm loving it so far! I will check out "Heartstrings"!

Anhi said...

omg i love your blog, it's so cute!
and honestly i'm a korea freak that's why i also watch k-dramas haha =D i haven't seen heartstrings yet but i should because yonghwa from cn blue plays a role there ♥ i only have to manage my time.

Kajsa Darlin said...

Sv: Tack sötis <3 Den är ett par veckor gammal bara :D

☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ said...

Oh yeah! I watched 'A Gentleman's dignity' It's super
cute and funny! And I felt in love with main guy :D
(what a shame he is sooo old :< )

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