Saturday, September 15, 2012

What a..

Nice surprise, my blog have gained 2 followers! My Saturdays is usually sitting home, alone, lazying around, but today me and my friend went swimming. It was lots of fun and it feels good to have done something productive. I think that I'll play some Zelda Ocarina of time today then I'm gonna do some homework and watch TV with my ma'. Here are 2 freshly made gif's of me, eating dinner, yesterday.
2 gifs I made, this one took almost an hour, the other one .. 5-10 minutes. You can't almost see any difference.

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Delanstarlight said...

nice one! I wonder how do you make them gifs..★

Nicole said...

förlåt för suuupersent svar... men jag hittade chipsen i en asiatisk affär i märsta, som heter thai-fong ellr ngt:)

/btw, det här är min nya blogg, ichigojam ska jag dumpa:)

/'ichigojam' ;P söt blogg btw;)

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