Saturday, September 1, 2012



Finally! And I like it! Just some changes left, and then I'm done. It feels nice that I've a beautiful blog now, I feel actually happy lol. This have been a lazy day, been playing video games all day with my brother. On another note, I have my vegetarian week now, and I like it also, so, if I really like it I thin I will stay vegetarian, but some exception will occur. Later on I will make a post about the things I ordered from yesstyle.  It's Sempteber first today, time goes by fast, and it's 27 days until my birthday. :( ~ Now I will continue gaming!

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Tokyo - Love said...

Sv: Vad kul att du hittat till min blogg, tack för kommentaren! Hoppas du fortsätter läsa, kolla gärna igenom mina arkiv du som verkar gilla Japan!

Yolandaas said...

Hi hun :) you cant just "try" relaxing since it is permanent. If you relax your hair you cant bring it back to its natural state- to get back your curly hair you need to grow your whole hair out (thats what im doing now- transitioning).

Also, weave is okey, it can even protect your hair if done properly but make sure they dont braid ur hair too tight and dont leave it in for more than a month or so at a time. Make sure ur hair gets a few weeks "rest" before u put jn weave again..

Hope that helped xxx

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