Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Photo summary

So what have I been up to lately? Just a couple of days ago I was in Uppsala, with my cousin and her man. We were visiting my brother whom lives there. We strolled around town, visited places worth visiting, like museums, the old church, in other words; we explored the town. I love Uppsala, I've been there many times and I think it's my favourite city in Sweden. Anyhow, here comes a photo summary what I have been doing this and the last month. From prom, to gradution, to Uppsala. I chose not to upload any photos from Stockholm because I couldn't find them.

Can you spot me?? One tip.. I have a yellow-ish dress.
My hair got messy from the Cabriolet. My dress is from Yesstyle.
BBQ-party with friends.
GRADUATION! Dress also from Yesstyle.
Pictures from Uppsala. Uppsala castle. :)
The church.
Uppsalas first University.
Beautiful grave from the church. Hope you appreciated the pictures and the post!

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