Sunday, December 15, 2013

Becoming a vegetarian

So I haven't blogged about my experience as a vegetarian, to apply, I haven't been it for a long time. Last month I decided to try out to be a vegetarian for at least a month, and it wasn't a hard decision to make. And I haven't had trouble to adapt myself to it, since I've been considering it a lot. So it wasn't really a overnight decision. But to admit, the first few days was kinda hard. I had to stop myself from eating certain stuff. Also, the day after I made the decision me and my friends were going to eat pizza, I was then close to order a meat pizza, but I found a vegetarian one! That was when I was close to just post pone the vegetarian decision.

Why I was considering of it before, and why I am it now is mainly because of the animals. I think the meat industry is horrible, the way they treat the animals. I don't want to post any pictures here because I don't think I can because it's too absurd. I'm also not so fond over meat, I really don't enjoy the taste. But I do like (love) chicken and grilled steak, but I felt like I could give that up because of the sake of the animals. The meat industry is not also just harming the animals, but also the environment.

Speaking of environment, I'm trying to eat as environmentally friendly as possible now also. So I have cut down a lot when it comes to candy. And if I eat candy or snacks, I read the nutrition label and makes sure it doesn't contains things such as palm-oil (which destroys our rainforest's) .

I also am an animal lover. And no I'm not trying to say that "if you're an animal lover you can't eat meat". Because of my love for animals it doesn't just feel morally right to eat them.
Lastly I'd like to apply I'm not the best person to take advice from, since I've been it only for a month, but some changes I've noticed are that: 

+ I'm not as sleepy as I always used to be.
+ I feel full for a long time after I've eaten.
+ I just feel fresh.
- From the beginning my stomach hurt really bad, it just hurt, nothing else, it wasn't that pleasant.
+/- I've lost weight, but that wasn't my goal.

I warn sensitive viewers.

 Livestock farming already occupies 30 percent of the world's surface, according to the United Nations.
Oh look how much space they got..

So my last words are: I could imagine myself being a vegetarian for the rest of my life. Also, my goal with this post was to hopefully be a bit of an eye opener for someone. I really think people should be aware of what they eat, and don't close their eyes, instead take responsibility for their own actions. I'm not trying to make people vegetarian, since people will never give up meat, but if you're going to eat meat, then for an example buy meat that's locally produced. I think everyone should try to change the meat industry so it becomes less or more fair. Right now meat is mass-produced, and meat is animals. Animals are mass-produced.

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☆ Miyako The Strange ☆ said...

I would really want to be vege myself, but also I really
want to be very muscular... And it's almost impossible
without meat....I must think about it. Anyways, congratulations!!!
And wish you luck on new without-cruelty path :)

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