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Hey guys!
I have been avoided my blog for a while, always when I open I'll be like:image.And then I'll be kind of avoiding. But I feel like I'm making a little progress, so why not a post something then? Yeah. I've just turned 18 this weekend, and 18 is a pretty big age in Sweden. I didn't do that much though to celebrate it. I hanged out with some friends, and family, but it was also fun.
This weekend most people of my class and my school are going to this night club to celebrate the fact that there are 250 days before we graduate. I had totally forgot that it was this weekend, and my class are having a 80's theme, and I got nothing to wear. And my best friend in my class isn't going so I don't what I'm going to do.
Anyways. Since I've turned 18 it equals that I can start ordering stuff online!! From mostly erryweeere.image I've been waiting for this for so many years now.
I've been looking at stuff on Ebay today and I found so much I want to have. I'm a bit unconscious though.  Have you guys ordered from there? How is the shipping? Have you ever been scammed? Something important a newbie should know about.
There's a Swedish Ebay website called Tradera, and there I was scammed over 50$ (US dollar). I should have been more aware of the fact that it was a new user with no reviews. 
Some stuff that I want.. 

Adorable.. ;u;

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Alexy said...

18 is an important age in the US too.! Happy belated birthday! I've used eBay several times and received all my orders except one item. The first time I ordered I ordered a pair of 99 cent Eiffel Tower earrings, they never arrived and I was upset, because on eBay you're obviously ordering from random people. Back when I ordered though I didn't pay too much attention to it and had forgot I ordered so I only realized when I went back to eBay to make another order. Nowadays eBay is a lot more safe. They have a lot of ways for you to contact the seller or them to get refunds and insure your items get there. All the stuff I've ordered on eBay has come from Asia(mostly China), usually, because it's really cheap! I've gotten clip-on bangs, necklaces, headbands and other stuff. All of it has arrived! A lot of the stuff you have pictured looks like it would be coming from China too if I ordered it. Especially the outfits, I like to shop on there for Korean/Ulzzang inspired outfits. My advice is too see how many reviews the person/company has. Everyone I've ordered from recently has had nearly perfect reviews and all my items came! If an item takes too long to arrive, contact the seller. I usually contact them on the last "expected" date. Then they usually ask me politely to wait a couple more days depending on the situation. I usually wait a little longer and then tell them I've waited longer and I either need the item to be resent or a refund(this is actually what I do on Amazon.com, because I've never had to have a refund on eBay). I've never had to have refunds on eBay, because everything arrives. If the seller doesn't reply or won't help, contact eBay. They have a policy to protect you. Which brings up PayPal. I only used PayPal to buy from eBay. It's awesome, because you can either just put money on it or hook up a credit/debit card. I like PayPal, because they will refund the money to you if the seller doesn't. They just send it back if things aren't worked out. PayPal and eBay are owned together, so more than likely you will need a PayPal account. A lot of the people I buy from only accept PayPal payments. To see how PayPal works for your country you're best off checking their site out, because the way I can use it here in the US and load up might be different. I've bidded on eBay before, but I prefer using buy it now. Also know that most name brand stuff is going to be expensive, not as expensive as buying it from the companies site, but it will cost a bit. Like the Boy London stuff. If it's ridiculously cheap for the brand it will probably be a knock off and then it's up to you whether you want to buy it or not. A lot of people have problems with knock offs. I don't have a strong opinion about them, besides you're the one wearing it, so it's up to you! Only other thing I've heard is to be careful with electronics, especially those sold cheap, but it looks like you're more into buying fashion and accessories, so it shouldn't be a problem. So, my main points are look for Buy it Now items if you really want the item. Try to find a mix of accounts selling with good feedback and low prices and look for free shipping! All of my items so far have been free shipping, but shipping prices can sometimes be amazingly high, so keep an eye out. Hope this somewhat helps and let me know if you need anymore info! Good luck!

xx MochaLexy

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