Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Disney Princess 2013

I don't know if you've heard about it, but there will come another new Disney princess named Anna, in a movie called Frozen. The movie is about Anna finding her sister Elsa on an epic journey. It premiers on November 2013, it's also based on a HC Andersen story. Anyways, I'm so thrilled, I love Disney movies, the old ones and the new ones. But the animated style reminds me awfully lot of Tangled. But I hope it's good just as good as Tangled, or even better! Are you looking forward to it?

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Junjun said...

Oh, this looks interesting! :'D Definitely gonna check it out~ Thanks for sharing!

Alexy said...

I'll probably check out the movie like I do all Disney movies, but I wish they would have made Anna look less like Rapunzel. They look like twins, if they weren't in two different movies. I can tell it might be funny though, just from the gifs.

xx Alexis

Filipa Moreira said...

Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!


Stephanie Timmins said...

looks like a really cute film ! must watch!
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