Friday, August 3, 2012

Thirthy minutes left

So, I'm about to leave in 30 minutes, and here's the b-day gift to my friend. I hope she will like it. This is an easy and fine birthday gift, just buy a nice box, or a case in some kind, and just fill it with something nice, something meaningful. ♡ I would be glad if someone gave it to me! And this fits for everyone's budget, it can be cheap, or expensive, nice either way. 
filled with cookies! ^▽^

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Yolandaas said...

this comment is for so if this is the wrong blog ignore it :)
hi of course I did! the blog address you put didn't work. it says there is no blog with that address, I found one called is that yours? and to answer your first comment fully, you shouldn't feel insecure about your hair hun, if your hair is natural research on google for natural hair styles :) there is so much to learn! and decided whether you want it to be relaxer or not, i would advise you to not do that, because from my own experience, it is not worth it in the long run. i will try to find the video :) x

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